7 Things to Keep in Mind when Designing your Website  

7 Things to Keep in Mind when Designing your Website  

Today, the world as we know it has changed. Everything is online, so; it is only sane for you to join the medium. The significance of having an online presence is profoundly perceived in today’s internet world.  

Whether you are an online internet business, an offline store, or a new venture, you must work on your online presence, such as your website, application, social media presence, digital ads etc. At Alpha Byte Digital, we can help tailor your digital needs.

It is crucial to remember that your customers are going online to look for information, for a product they need, or to speak to a friend. Whenever they go online, you as a business have the chance to connect with them.

In this era, there is no excuse for a badly designed website; your audience expects you to use some of the trends in the world of web design today that Alpha Byte Digital is here to assist you with.

There are many tips and tricks in the books to connect with customers online, but the core aspect is to set up a website. How you design a website, what content you put up, what colour scheme you pick, and what kind of text you want to put up, all play a crucial role in generating your sales. 

When designing your website, here are 7 things to keep in mind: 

1) The ideal website isn’t just a visual show-stopper 

The first impression is the last. However, it must also be functional when it comes to a website. There’s no point in drawing in a customer on your website who can’t even place an order. 

2) Good usability 

Speaking from a developer’s point of view, good usability is an important principle on which the success of a system is determined. However, from a user’s point of view, it is essential as it can make them complete the task accurately. E.g. A user opens your website, scrolls, adds items to the cart, and places an order. 

3) Designing a website is not a simple task 

It may take months of planning before you begin to see any work being done on your product. That said, designing has grown to become strategic, complex, and demanding. 

4) Website’s speed  

Have you ever tried to open a website and left it and moved to another because it took too long to open? If the answer is yes, you understand how important the speed at which your website opens is. Try to compress your visual elements (images, GIFs), optimize your icons and fonts, limit your redirect links, and don’t use heavy animations. 

5) Navigation Should be Simple 

Treat your navigation bar like a map. Too much information can overwhelm your customer. Pick 7 categories on your navigation bar max. Keep it simple. 

6) Mobile-friendly Website

So many businesses focus on creating a website but completely ignore making them mobile-friendly, which makes them lose customers who do not own a laptop or a computer. Whether mobile or a computer, your website should operate impeccably. 

7) Competitor Analysis  

It is good to analyze what your competitors’ websites look like, how they function, what kind of system is designed, etc. This gives you a rough idea of what it’s like in the market and might as well inspire you.

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